Smile Mates is a loyalty program founded by Moonline Company to show our
customers that they are important to us and we care about them.
This program was created in a simple way so the customers can easily use.

- Moonline will give 50 points first as a welcoming gift.
- You can earn points from purchasing most of our products
- Redeem your points through different awards from moonline.

Earn & Redeem

Earn points with Moonline by purchasing most of our products, such as
“Booking a flight, Hotel reservation, Insurance and Packages Also you can collect points faster by booking for your family members or a friend and the points will be added into your card

You can transfer points from another Smile Mates card holder to your card!

Make sure you are earning your points

Many times our travelers forget to show their Smile Mate's membership card to our team while booking , Or because of lack of information on how to earn points , In cases like that please visit our office to claim your missed points

Redeeming; it means to change the points you are collected through
your smilemates membership to rewards

You can redeem your points by direct discount or other offers

Direct Discount

  • points 10 000
    Up to $40Discount
  • points 20 000
    Up to $100Discount
  • points 40 000
    Up to $220Discount
  • points 60 000
    Up to $360Discount

Other Offers

According to the collected point You can choose award!